Mastclimbers Advantages

Mastclimbers are an alternative and complimentary access system to scaffolding, gondola, scissors lift, swinging rope and other similar access systems. Scan-Rent Sdn Bhd mastclimbers are commonly used in construction works such as cladding, fa├žade works, bricklaying, plastering, painting, balcony and window installation. Due to the efficient and technically advanced design, our mastclimbers are also used in various shipyards, chimneys, as well as extensively throughout power and oil and gas plants.

  • High free standing at heights up to 20m
  • Standard height up to 100 m and more with additional elements
  • High payloads, single mast up to 4500 kg and twin mast up to 8000 kg
  • Modular system, interchangeable mast sections, wheel chassis, mini chassis, railings, wall anchoring, etc. - Low total investment (space saving storage)
  • Mast sections, anchors and railings hot dip galvanised
  • Mast section weight only app. 82 kg
  • Mast section outer dimension 700 x 700mm providing good standing stability
  • Platform width: 1600 mm providing more place for workers and material
  • Platform lengths from 4.1m (single masted) to 46m (twin mast)
  • Telescopic platform extensions
  • Railing and door modules with built-in toeboards
  • Optional self-propelled wheel chassis
  • Independent over speed safety brake
  • Platform modules can be manually mounted and therefore also easily transported
  • The platform can be lowered close to the ground, enabling easy loading and unloading of working material
  • The platform floor is made of non slip corrugated aluminium plate, not of wood
  • Due to high quality steel the total weight of the unit is less which reduces ground pressure towards the ground under the outriggers
  • All components are of high quality, such as German SEW Eurodrive or Flender lifting mechanisms, Schmersal and Telemecanique electric equipment
  • SCANCLIMBER has good references all over the world with export also outside Europe to Asia, the Far East, Australasia and the USA.

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