Reasons to choose a Mastclimber

Cost efficiency and site safety are prime issues in any construction project. Our Mastclimbers have all the technical and mechanical requirements that ensure the minimizing of potential mishaps, accidents and other kinds of risks to your project.

Therefore, you should consider using a Mastclimber for your project because:

  • Increases efficiency and productivity by providing faster project completion time
  • It provides cost savings in labour and operations
  • Fast installation and dismantling - An efficient time saving solution
  • It has advanced design with safety features that deliver safe working solutions
  • The work platform is able to lift workers and equipment at the same time
  • It combines hoist and work platform into one unit
  • Offers ease of storage, service and maintenance
  • Safe and easier to operate thus minimizing mishaps
  • Can be used as escape hoist/access in case of emergency (ERP - Emergency Response Plan)
Mastclimbers on site

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